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Firing Magnus Nørgaard

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Pilot Strips: Voidhouse, Purposely Protected Dynamic Visualities, The Journal Comic

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Re-Hiring Magnus Nørgaard

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Press H at Any Time to Contact the Poorly Planned Comics Helpline

A Denouement Isn’t A Moral

Roomies on Acid: Telephones, Rape, Bolivia

Roomies on Acid: Mt. School High School, The High School for Presidents of the New World Order of Presidents of Bolivia

Pilot strip: TV Executives

Pilot strip: Headmonk

Pilot strip: How the customer explained it

How the customer explained it: Bookkeeper

How the customer explained it: ??? ?????

How the customer explained it gets cancelled

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The king attempts another flashback

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Pilot strip: Leg Leg and Momer

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The king selects a team of astronauts

The portal


Animated pie chart


Colin Mochrie

The Entire Universe Falls Apart

False awakening

Real awakening


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Adventure Kids: AAAA

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Adventure Kids: Phone

Adventure Kids: Homicide

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Adventure Kids: Man inflates

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Pilot strips: Zits, aids, poor work


Adventure Kids: Michigan J. Apple 2

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The Third Email

A Necessary Evil

Good Stopping Place

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This Modern World: Back to the future

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El Bueno De Cuttlas

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Temporalectopia 1

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LIFE: The red guy joins

LIFE: The dungeon

LIFE: Preparing the room

LIFE: Waiting for Jim

LIFE: Jim arrives

LIFE: Rolling stats

LIFE: Races and books

LIFE: A stunning revelation

Stalking annika

Car ride

Back home

Do you believe in god?


Technology warehouse E

Fone Follies 2

More time travel

Looking for Andrew’s mom

Adventure Kids: Apple (again)

Adventure Kids: Flying worm

Adventure Kids: Worm molts

Adventure Kids: Darksexuality

Adventure Kids: New mouth

Adventure Kids: Worm speaks

Adventure Kids: Transformation

Adventure Kids: NO NO NO NO

Adventure kids: Bucket with feet

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Adventure kids: Brain

Adventure kids: Hugs

Finding Andrew


The directors

Adventure kids: Container

Adventure kids: Cannon

Adventure kids: AAAAA

Adventure kids: Balloon

Adventure kids: FWOOSH!

Adventure kids: Saucer

Adventure Kids: Invisible

Adventure kids: Resignation

Adventure Kids: NASA

Adventure kids: Andrew’s house

Adventure kids: Porch light

Adventure kids: Accident

Adventure kids: Sarah time

Adventure kids: Orgasm

Adventure kids: Andrew’s mom

Adventure kids: Andrew has some kind of problem

Adventure kids: Blackout

Adventure kids: Voice

Adventure kids: You will DIE

Adventure kids: Flour

Adventure kids: Cooking

Adventure kids: Dumplings

Adventure kids: Police

Adventure kids: CRUNCH

Adventure kids: Police car 1

Adventure kids: Police car 2

Adventure kids: Police car 3

Adventure kids: Police car 4

Poorly planned comics becomes a spaceship

Zoom out



Thinking about captains

Jim calls 911



Captain idea 1

Cryonics bay

Status update

Meeting room 3

Election 1

Where is the ship?


Election 2


The red guy looks for his wife

black and white tv is creepy


Weapons Locker Iota

Aft Light Vehicle Hanger

Scientific Racism

Recursive Simulations

Super Freak Out

Layer Number Five

A Suspiciously Unfamiliar Feeling

The Origin Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind

Weavers Of The Logos Spermatikos

Simulations And Pupils

Return of the Talking Pencil


Request Comics #321: Poorly Planned Crossover

Car Insurance Commercials #48130-48133

Endings, Part 1

Endings, Part 2

Endings, Part 3

Endings, Part 4

Endings, Part 5

Endings, Part 6

Yeesha’s Theme

Endings, Part 7

Endings, P— oh, who are we kidding

A Shared Delusion Rooted In Synesthesia

A colossal pyramid of solid gold

The Largest Building In Existence

Hallway 23

CrS np polynoMIal COde


Bobco 8

The Operator and The Recognizer get zapped into ash

Slim Slippins is trapped in a maze

Non-quantitative instantiation

The problem with planning

There’s a ridiculously absurd and terrifying truth behind it all

Sir, it’s a store.

Political cartoons



(The Recognizer is a parody of The Unwindmill, which is the [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED])

Pizza arrives on a particularly nonexistant layer of metafiction

If he doesn’t know the word for “which”, how does he know it sounds like “witch”?

More political humor

Remember that book with grover? Not “There Is A Monster At The End Of This Book”, the museum one. It was a museum that had everything in the world in it, categorized extremely thoughtlessly. Like, it’d have a room full of “tall things”.

No? Nevermind. You know, I was looking at children’s books the other day, and skimming through the board book version of “There Is A Monster At The End Of This Book”, I noticed something weird. The monster is grover, obviously, but the actual ACTUAL last page is simply blank.

At first I figured it must be an artifact of the printing process, but the other sesame street board books have plenty of stuff on the last page, it’s just that one.

Actually, there’s a sequel, with grover and elmo (they accuse each other of being the monsters).

The last page of that one has some random alphabet blocks strewn around near the bottom, so it’s only 90% blank. Elmo and grover are on the second to last page, walking off to the left to “go see the monster again”

Oh, for some reason amongst the alphabet blocks at the bottom of the final page is a giant paperclip. Haha, maybe the paperclip is the monster


We apologise for the fault in the strip titles. Those responsible have been sacked.

Unused Adventure Kids strips


The cartoonist goes completely, disorientingly insane

To Whom Does God Pray?

I’d like to solve the puzzle

How do I know it’s an [REDACTED]? the word [REDACTED] has two eyes, like hawaii. also, google image search for “large white bird”.

Woah, Someone Has Serious Issues

The End

POORLY PLANNED SUZZZZZY COMICS – ACT 1 – also it’s just a name, get over it!!! you fucking named me!@

Follow The White Rabbit DUN DUN DUN DUN


a long boring blue raven one about the word “SA”

The end of time and the importance of learning to read

An Actual Comic For Once



?p=2012 a new narrator


A Job Well Done

Puzzles, chatlogs, magic the gathering, chickens, corn, green peppers… *sigh* onions…

Plorg design meeting #1

… so called because its outline, when processed for non-hazardous viewing, is generally considered to resemble that of the bird. A processed (anamorphically elongated) partial image appears in Appendix 3 of this report, page A3-ii. THE STATED PAGE MUST NOT BE VIEWED THROUGH ANY FORM OF CYLINDRICAL LENS. PROLONGED VIEWING IS STRONGLY DISRECOMMENDED. PLEASE READ PAGE A3-i BEFORE PROCEEDING.

This is so good, I’m just going to post it on its own.

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

And we’re back (A DINOSAURS SSTORY HAHAHOHO no just kidding no dinosaurs.)




[REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], i’m just sticking these in the strip title so maybe somebody will find them with google, [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED] actually was it [REDACTED]? what was that even an anagram of?

Invisible Periscope

Destructocon crossover

The Last ZZT Game


And Now For Something Completely Different

Roomies on Acid: Joyce Goes Nuclear